Agency Acquisitions




Brook Crawford



My name is Brook Crawford and I have started an insurance operation: BrookStone Insurance Group, LLC.  I would like to visit with you about our direction as well as our appetite for growth through mergers/acquisitions.  Please find the following:

  • Our goal is to build an agency platform that will generate a revenue stream up to $10,000,000 with mergers/acquisitions and core growth.
  • Has your agency reached a point of stagnant growth and limited resources to attract and finance entry-level producers, as well as attract experienced production staff?  If so, we could build together an operation to accomplish that.
  • We are interested in standard Independent P&C and Employee Benefit Agencies with books of business ranging from $50,000 to $10,000,000 in revenue.
  • We offer cash up front on merger/acquisition including retention of key personnel and current equity holders to maximize equity position through growth.
  • Our preferred model is to acquire 65-100% of revenue. Less than 100% allows current agency principals to take money off the table while retaining a percentage of equity in future growth of combined agency.
  • Our Platform is geared for younger personnel to perpetuate the agency. We do not wish to sell to a third party without the consensus of the minority partners.  If you have children or other younger partners currently in your agency, they would continue to have a long-term future in our combined operations as partners to the operation. This will be an opportunity of a lifetime for our young employees.
  • A personal commitment is to operate a financially sound operation that allows for an EBITDA performance and build equity value to maximize profit distributions.
  • An additional pledge is to have fun while being professionals together in a tremendous segment of our fine insurance industry.

Please begin our dialogue by completing the form under the Contact Us tab or send me an email at bcrawford@brookstone-group.com.